In the United States, 1.4 million kids live on the streets. A third of them are gay.

In a Hollywood homeless shelter, a group of runaways joined together to create a play about abuse in the home, growing up gay & lesbian, and surviving on the streets.

This is the story of their life-changing journey.

A one-hour documentary
directed by Todd Nelson and edited by Michael Hofacre
narrated by Sir Ian McKellen

There are 1.4 million homeless kids on America's streets. 10,000 in Hollywood every night. Most are runaways (some are "throw-aways"). Average age: 15. About a third of them are gay or lesbian. To make it, these kids have to survive family abuse, attempted suicides, drugs and prostitution, life on the streets.

Meet ten kids who've been there. They are teenagers who survived the worst kind of growing up. And they came together to share their stories in a play called Friendly Fire.

SURVIVING FRIENDLY FIRE is a film about the making of their play. And a fascinating look at their inspiring, entertaining and life-changing journey.

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What are the critics are saying about SURVIVING FRIENDLY FIRE?

"An inspirational, vital, vitriolic and entertaining offering."

"Dynamic and intense."

"Enraging and inspiring."

"A real life A Chorus Line... Surviving Friendly Fire deals in universal truths about succeeding against the odds, and about the reality that art can save lives."

"An inspirational and moving film."


"A song of triumph. Surviving Friendly Fire is a must-see."

"A non-fiction Fame in which gay street kids have turned their trauma into a hit stage show. The emotions are raw but real."

"Surviving Friendly Fire makes you marvel at the resilience of the human spirit, and wish every town could give its abandoned children such a simple second chance."

BEST DOCUMENTARY AWARDS Great Plains Film Festival George Sidney Independent Film Competition

OFFICIAL SELECTION OF: HBO’s Frame By Frame Showcase, New York City

San Francisco Lesbian & Gay Film Festival

Great Plains Film Festival

OUTFEST: L.A. Gay & Lesbian Film Festival

Munich International FilmFest

Boston Film Festival

Chicago Windy City Documentary Festival

Seattle Lesbian & Gay Film Festival

Turin, Italy Film Festival

Washington, D.C. Gay & Lesbian Festival

Chicago Gay & Lesbian Film Festival

Over 25 other festivals including: Portland, Austin, Honolulu, St. Louis, San Luis Obispo, Long Beach, Rochester, Santa Cruz, Montana, Tampa Bay, Central Florida, and Santa Barbara.

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