Surviving Friendly Fire

Frameline Distribution
Frameline Distribution, the world’s largest distributor of gay and lesbian themed films, makes 16mm and video copies of SURVIVING FRIENDLY FIRE available throughout the U.S. Contact Desi or Tina at Frameline for prices or more details:

Frameline Distribution 346 Ninth Street San Francisco, CA 94103 phone: (415) 703-8650 fax: (415) 861-1404 email:

Youth Outreach
Frameline is helping to get SURVIVING FRIENDLY FIRE into the hands of young people, teachers, parents, counselors around the country. The Colin Higgins Foundation has provided grant money to provide free tapes to schools, shelters, theatres and other organizations that work with youth. If you would like information on how your group can get a FREE video copy of SURVIVING FRIENDLY FIRE, write to Frameline or visit Frameline's website at:

Send it Home
Donate a copy of Surviving Friendly Fire to your local community. Be part of the outreach to young people back in your hometown school, library, or youth group. Call Frameline at: (415) 703-8654 or email at: for more details.

How can I help?
Through the fiscal sponsorship of the International Documentary Association, all donations to Surviving Friendly Fire are tax-deductible. All contributions will directly help the film reach the widest possible audience. Also, television and cable opportunities are being sought for a national broadcast. If you can help, contact:

TWNelson/Surviving Films
P.O. Box 92480 Pasadena, CA 91109-2480 USA, email: