Knitting Club
THE KNITTING CLUB a new screenplay by Todd Nelson and Mark Albracht
to be directed by Todd Nelson

Two small-town Nebraska housewives moonlight as Las Vegas call girls. A dark comedy about secrets and sex in the 1960s.

Based on a true story.

Buffalo Center, Nebraska in 1966. Cynthie has a new husband and baby girl, a perfect midwestern housewife life. But she can't shake her past as a dancer and call-girl in Vegas. She’s got the itch to be more than her small-town role allows. So its back to Vegas and moonlighting as an escort for casino high-rollers. And this time, she brings her best friend Marlene along.

Daughter of the town banker, mother of two and wife of the radio station owner, good girl Marlene isn’t prepared for the demands of the job that Cynthie proposes, but she soon discovers the thrill of breaking free of her limited personae. Before long, they are flying high in their secret double life. When the casino owner asks them to bring in more girls for a special Rat Pack show, Marlene and Cynthie recruit the women from their local knitting club to join them. They nearly pull it off, until Marlene's husband shows up unexpectedly in Vegas and the big secret is nearly discovered.

Sixties Vegas glamour. Small town gossip. Sex and secrets. And the desire for living large and going after it against all odds.


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